Team #UFB Movie Picks Round 1! (UPDATED)

As the summer officially begins we find ourselves in the heart of summer blockbuster movie season. Huge anticipated movies have been released so far this summer and a few are left to come out. As a team here at #UFB we will highlight our individual pics for our favorite movie of the summer "so far".

#UFB's Favorite Movie Picks of the Summer "So Far":

  • Jared "Six3GeeK" Martel's Pick:

Fast & Furious 6

I am a huge fan of action films, comics and movies based on comic books. Going in to this summer blockbuster season if you asked me, "which movie you think will be the best?" I would've said "Man of Steel". I loved "Man of Steel" and feel every one should go see that movie. Yet Superman did not grab, excite,or leave me wanting more the way Fast 6 did. Fast 6 had all the pieces to draw me in! Fast cars, over the top non stop action, drama, plot twist, and answers to an epic story that keeps growing. Also I am a huge BMW fan and loved the feature of them in the film.
Story wise Fast 6 was stellar and we found out how the story will develop after Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift ( movies 4,5, and 6 were prequels to Tokyo Drift). Additionally actions and decisions from Fast 6 directly causes events that was seen during Tokyo Drift. If a movie you watch is so good it makes you go home and watch all 5 of the other movies in the series, then why not call it the best?

  • Will's Pick:

  • Iron Man, Star Trek, Fast 6 & Man of Steel were four movies I actually saw this summer so far. I was impressed with Iron Man, even though, it was not the story we expected. I also was impressed with Fast & Furious 6. Man of Steel is currently at the bottom of my list, and I will lightly tell you why... The story had huge holes that I didn't agree with. They tried too hard with the Planet Krypton. I didn't look at General Zod as the true villain, I think Faora was, she was outstanding. I did appreciate a different story telling of this iconic character. The devastation during the final battle sequence was quite strange. But I digress... lol

    My movie of the summer is Star Trek: Into Darkness, It takes a movie fan that pays attention to say this, I'm not an original Trekkie, however I know enough of the Star Trek story to be intrigued by what happens. My mom & dad, loved Star Trek, the original. Many people were disappointed in the sequel to J.J. Abrams 2009 Star Trek, Why??? Because most of them are afraid to welcome change, if you saw Star Trek you would understand why Into Darkness was the story it was. You would understand why the story took place before the 5 year voyage instead of after, but the main reason people didn't accept this change was because J.J. Abrams is a Star Wars fan. When he voiced that, Trekkies far and wide pissed their pants.

    If you are basing this movie off of the 1982 version alone, that would be your very first & biggest mistake... If you like Star Trek, I would at least suggest you watch the "Space Seed" episode from 1967, the true Khan story and honestly much closer in comparison to the 2013 version, J.J. may have taken about 3 things from 1982, but everything else touched on the 1967 version. He used his creativity not only to blend 1967 and 1982 into one, but also give you a smooth ride from the Star Trek to Into Darkness. I won't give spoilers, I will say that you should watch the 1967 version, then 1982 (if you can stand it), and lastly watch Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

    With a outstanding soundtrack of original music remixed to the younger generations liking and more action, it gives me my choice as my Summer Movie so far... So far...

    • NC-17's Pick:
    Tyler Perry "We The Peeples" was by far the most stellar film of the summer and really allowed Craig Robinson to -- Nah I'm lying.

    My pick is The Great Gatsby. While critics cried foul over Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of the source material, I believe you judge a film based on that film, not if the producers reflected the same theme you gushed over when you wrote your 11th grade book report. F Scott Fitzgerald's book is at Barnes & Nobles feel free to buy it if you want to bitch and moan about the "purity" or "symbolism" you thought was lost in translation. This film delivered in all aspects, mainly the acting: the heartbreaking optimism of Leo, the helplessness of Tobey, and the uber ©untness of Carey Mulligan-- they were all first rate. The Jay-Z produced soundtrack with it's hypnotic Lana Del Rey theme song "Young And Beautiful" was a hit on the charts, and the directing saw Luhrmann bath us in the decadence of 1920's Jazz (hip hop) and Liquor. While the superhero movies like Iron Man 3Man of Steel have had the most hype, I think as a fanboy (or girl) of cinema you would be cheating yourself if you dismissed this as just another love story. Best movie of the summer by far, old sport.

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