Microsoft's 2013 //build/ Updates!

Today was the start of Microsoft's 2013 //Build/ conference for developers. The event kicked off with a keynote led by the companies CEO Steve Ballmer. The company had some key announcements that sheds light on where Microsoft is going with their Windows 8 ecosystem. Additionally this event is key for Windows 8 developers and the future of apps on Windows 8 devices. Below you will find some quick highlights from the event.

Windows 8.1:

  • Start or Boot to Desktop:
    • Return of the Start Button
    • Users now have the ability to boot up their computers directly to their desktop
  • Change Backgrounds:
    • Users can now change their backgrounds to match their desktop background.
    • Users can set a slide show of photos for their lock screen.
  • More Tile Sizes
  • Universal Bing Search From Anywhere 
  • Redesigned App Store
  • New Paint and Camera Apps
    • New native paint app will feature oil paints, pencils and water colors.
    • Updated camera app comes with new features like the ability to capture pictures without closing the shutter.
  • Added App Resizing Features 
  • More Keyboard and Mouse Support

New Facebook & Flipboard apps coming soon!

Xbox One's Kinect Available for $399 Windows Developer Pre-order:

The program fee will be US$399 (or local equivalent) and offers the following benefits:
  • Direct access to the Kinect for Windows engineering team via a private forum and exclusive webcasts
  • Early SDK access (alpha, beta, and any updates along the way to release)
  • Private access to all API and sample documentation
  • A pre-release/alpha sensor
  • A final, released sensor at launch
Do these Windows 8 updates excite you? Is this to little to late? Discuss below!
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