Top 10 Overrated Wrestlers Of All Time

John Cena and Hulk Hogan are not overrated. Combined they know less than 10 wrestling moves,  true, but at the end of the day they single handedly transcended the industry, brought it to new heights of popularity, and outside of Vincent K. McMahon are the reasons why pro wrestling hasn’t gone the way of Roller Derby. This list isn’t about who can and can’t wrestle, it’s about who legitimately impacted the business versus who was merely a popular sports entertainer. There are a lot of guys who we look on fondly because they were/are cool, but in terms of affecting the world of sports entertainment, their contribution isn’t as high as we think if we really dissect it. I give you the top 10 overrated Wrestlers of All Time.

10) Edge: Edge is on the bubble, and maybe it’s not fair to put him on this list because his career ended early. But even without the neck injury I don’t think he was on his way to being Sting, you know a company guy who never quite becomes the biggest star, but still attains iconic status because of his time put in. The Rated R Superstar gimmick with Lita, putting Foley through a flaming table, and teaming with Christian are the biggest highlights of Edge’s career. But what did he really do that made him a must have? The spear was done better by Bill “green”berg and his face runs were zzzzzz. Without F—king Matt Hardy’s girlfriend he would probably never have gotten that first title run that started it all. Adam Copeland is a D-bag who screwed a co-worker over, and that’s how he should have been pushed for the rest of his career. The WWE did him a disservice trying to transform him into this fan favorite boyscout once they went PG, and you can tell that his passion was never the same. Edge was a good wrestler and solid on the microphone, but in the end WWE would have been the same with or without him.

9) Lex Luger: I love flexy Lexy just because he’s the most undeserving household name in wrestling. A body builder who can’t wrestle—he should have been the second coming of Hulk Hogan, but this is proof that just because you look good, doesn’t mean you are good. Lex had the charisma of one ply toilet tissue, and if he had never existed in WCW the horsemen (And Miss Elizabeth) would have been better off and someone like Tom Zinc could have easily filled in as the Luger type. His WWE run was famous for slamming Yokozuna, but Vince knew Lex sucked, hence why he was never given the title.

8) Taz: Here’s a story of how a big fish in a small pond gets tossed into the ocean and eaten alive. Watching ECW Paul Heyman made you believe that this pint sized muscle bound freak was the baddest man on the planet. His promos were never really good, his matches were all designed around big suplex spots, and he didn’t really sell his opponents moves worth a damn. But I loved him, as a kid you don’t realize when you’re being conned. However, once the dark bingo hall of ECW was replaced by the bright lights of WWE, Taz was exposed for what he was, Barry Horowitz with a T-bone, a jobber gimmicked up as Mike Tyson, and the fans saw through it. Taz came and went without anyone batting an eye, and most WWE fans only remember him from his bad commentary, not “Survive because I let you”.

7) Chris Benoit: I think Benoit was top ten in terms of wrestling ability, but in death I fear that he’s been made to be greater than what he actually was in terms of the overall package. Benoit couldn’t talk on the microphone and had two looks, scowl and grinning scowl. His Horsemen run was overshadowed by Mongo McMichael’s for Christ sake. His WWE title run was built around his technical prowess, but after he reached the mountain top those fans who wanted a shoot wrestler as champ suddenly could care less. Benoit was intense, he was brutal, and he knew how to wrestle, but if he would have retired as opposed to murdering his family, he would be remembered in the same way as Perry Saturn.

6) Samoa Joe: Much like Taz, Joe is thought of as a killing machine, however Joe is a really good wrestler, a great wrestler for a big man. But he’s drier than Betty White’s vagina. I used to hope that Joe would get the call up to WWE, then I realized that it’s best for his legacy that he didn’t. He can’t even rise to the top of TNA, a place where they pop for anything, no way he’s going to get over based on the fact that he can do a soccer kick and top rope suplex. I would like to think that a repackage from Vince could have saved Joe six or seven years ago, but now who knows...

5) Mick Foley: The top five is where we get controversial! Foley is good, but he’s not invaluable to the business. I’ve read his books, I have a general like for the guy as a hard worker, and as a great Rocky story. However, I have to keep it real, Foley didn’t invent Hardcore. What he did was be in the right places at the right time and be desperate enough to do anything for a pop. Cactus Jack in WCW was a generic cartoon villain, in ECW he took that to a more realistic level, by the time he reached WWE he became a crash test dummy for Vince’s master plan to give the 90’s fans the gore they wanted. We all love seeing Mick get beat up, and while he’s never been a good wrestler, he shouldn’t be given a pass because of his stuntman status. Hardcore would have came and went the same way it did, even without Mick.

4) Batista: A little more charismatic than Luger, Batista’s entire Animal gimmick never connected with me because he seemed to take himself way too seriously. He’s not on this list because I dislike him, he’s on it because he did nothing but waste the time of fans and hold a spot that should have been given to more deserving athletes. Batista fit right into the role Adam Bomb, Warrior, Ron Simmons, and so many other had played—big strong intense guy. He didn’t do anything special, he was just playing that Muscle bound role that Ryback plays now, which means that Batista’s entire run was something that several other could have done.

3) Chris Jericho: First ever undisputed champion, but besides that? Jericho is a good wrestler, not as great as people make him out to be, just good, a poor man’s HBK with an over exaggerated comedy routine—but it worked BABY!!! Let’s be honest, if Y2J had never come to WWE after WCW, the only thing that would be different today is they’d probably be calling The Rock the first ever Undisputed champion.

2) Psycho Sid: “the hand that rocks the cradle, ladies and gentlemen, is the man who rules the world!” I remember Jim Ross saying some stupid sh*t like that during one pay per view where Sid was being pushed as the savior of WWE. I’m going to keep this short—Sid sucked! People talk about HBK being a bad champion as the reason the NWO and WCW took over, but the WWF was a horrible product in the mid 90’s because Sid was always in the title picture and while passable as a big man, he was no Kevin Nash.

1) Randy Orton: Randy Orton should be John Cena huge. He was given the ball several times and for some reason he could never quite kick it into that next gear. Proof that winning the belt doesn’t make you a champion, Orton hasn’t really stood out since he was spitting on Hall of Famers. The real life Randy comes off as something of a egomaniacal brat, but WWE would rather play him off as crazy instead rather than a douche bag. You can’t make someone into something they are not, and Randy will be a blip on the radar unless they let him be the jerk he so badly wants to be. Girls love Orton because of his looks, guys still dig him because his finisher is sick, but if Randy Orton were to be wiped from the history of WWE would anyone care?
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