The War Against Injustice: The Hounds of Gold!

As frustrated as I have been with the stale story-lines and our corny WWE champion, I have found myself still tuning into WWE programming each week. One of the main reasons is that I "believe in The Shield"! I am very entertained with this faction and the writers at WWE have done enough to ensure they stay relevant and do not become stale. Yet, since we are talking about the WWE writers, I find my self still nervous watching every show and PPV event, expecting the illogical mess up that could destroy this group. To my delight this has not happen yet! With the departure of one CM Punk lately WWE is forced to show more of The Shield, and they have balanced their dominance while not making them appear too unbeatable.

This brings me to WWE's next PPV, Extreme Rules. This Sunday The Shield will be in not one but two title matches.

Dean Ambrose will take on Kofi Kingston for the US Championship. Ambrose is already a star in the minds or views of the ICW, and he is already being built as the single competitor in The Shield. Ambrose has already taken on Kane, and Undertaker in one on one matches, so his win against Kingston will not come as a complete shocker. Kofi, as always will put on a competitive hard fought match, and Ambrose will sell his moves like he does almost as good as Ziggler. With both of their in ring skills this Championship Match maybe on of the best of the night. Ambrose will win this match and the US Championship, with little help from his teammates.

Also Team Hell No will face off against the team of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins for the WWE Tag Team Championships. I can see why WWE decided to put Reigns and Rollins together as the tag team of The Shield. Rollins is another darling child that has the heart of the ICW, and he posses a high octane in ring skill set. While Reigns still has some development to do inside the ring, he still posses a natural strength and the looks to become a huge star. These two will match up well against Kane and Bryan. Seth and Bryan will have some epic spots throughout the match that will have us talking about them on Twitter for a couple of days later. Reigns and Kane will slow down the action and try to over power each other and their partners. I see this match coming down to an emotional mistake from Kane or interference from Ambrose allowing a devastating spear form Reigns for the 1, 2, 3. The Shield new Tag Team Champions!

After the chaos that is Extreme Rules, the "Hounds of Justice" will walk away each holding onto gold. 
This outcome will only have one piece missing from The Shield and total dominance of the WWE; a WWE Championship and new member. Who would that be, and how?????

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