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SIMPLE - Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.

BETTER - Of a more excellent or effective type or quality.

In this age of social media, one thing shines out, everyone wants to give you so much more, but they will also make you do so much more to get it. Everything is linked & labeled, but nothing is complete. Especially when buying merchandise. No one wants to go to a website to make a purchase to find a shoe and end up going through the endless loop of unwanted merchandise, yet and still not finding your shoe.

With over a million comic books made on this planet, the stores are dwindling and everyone is starting to shop online. One thing sticks out, everyone wants to be better by being different, doing more by giving you more to sort through. I don't want to shop somewhere that has over 50 tabs for me to find what I'm looking for. It's stressful.

Here at SoMari Comics & Gaming we stick with the term "Simple Is Better." Everything you want or need is right there for you to see. 80% of every item we carry is discounted and if we don't carry what you are looking, just ask & we will get it. 

Everything the Fanboy could ask for is right here.
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We carry back issue comic books like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Gen 13 & Vampirella. As well as signed and graded material you may not find anywhere else. We carry collectible statues for your display case as well.
We are connected to the Fighting Game Community or FGC which allows us to stream and share live tournament play and events. Plus, if you are a fan of tech, we’ve got you covered with our United Fan Boyz link that covers everything from Cell Phones & Tablets to Wrestling. We meet ALL your needs and we hope you enjoy your visit to SoMari Comics & Gaming.
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