"Paul Heyman Guys"!

I will make your son a star Mr. Perfect
Recently on Paul Heyman revealed his list of "Paul Heyman guys". As a huge fan of any one who can innovate and continue to make pro wrestling exciting to watch, I call myself a "Paul Heyman guy". Well since I have no releationship with the great mastermind Heyman, I will just officially state that I am a "Heyman Fanboy". Below I will point out the wrestlers that benefited from being a "Paul Heyman" guy, some you know of and some may have not known. Does the below make you believe in (not the Shield....yet) Curt Axel?

Joey Styles

Bam Bam Bigelow

Brock Lesnar

The Public Enemy

Rey Mysterio

Rick Rude


Big Show

Mick Foley

Rob Van Dam

Rick Rude & Stone Cold 

Stone Cold

CM Punk

The Miz

With the success the above wrestlers have had or having, I believe the sky is the limit for Curt Axel! How can he fail with the back of Paul Heyman and being the son of Mr. Perfect.

The Future:

Curt Axel

Curt Axel

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