Unleash The Animal 2.0

It has been reported that the "Animal" Dave Bautista (or Batista )  is planning to make a return to WWE. The reports are saying he is getting back to his power house weight of 290lbs for the ring. I personally would like to see Batista back, even if it is part time it will still freshen up to the current story-lines  They could go many way with his return, but only WWE creative knows what their plan is. Below I will list the feuds I would like to see Batista involved in:

VS John Cena 
For story-line logic, this feud would make the most sense. John Cena defeated Batista @ Extreme Rules in 2010 in a last man standing match. The next night on Raw Batista quit! WWE's next PPV is Extreme Rules, 3 years of revenge, will the "Animal" challenge Superman?

VS Triple H
This feud could stem from the old Evolution days! This would keep Trips out of a suit for a little while and give Brock Lesnar a break.

VS Brock Lesnar 
This feud could be intriguing, to former WWE beast turned MMA fighters, back in WWE to establish pure dominance  Why not? I would watch it!.

VS The Rock
We all heard that The Rock is hurt! But he is also a full time movie star and part time wrestler. The Rock could show back up this week or next, just to have Batista show and take him out. This would set up a PPV match where Batista could beat and hurt The Rock, clearing him some time to make some movies. This would establish Batista as a bad ass monster! - This is my pick, & I hope they go this route.

"This is my pick"

~ From a "Paul Heyman Guy" - Six3GeeK  
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