Justice League Goes Evil, Avengers Go To War

Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman? If you had to create your own group of Avengers to face off against the likes of Red Skull, Thanos, and Dr. Doom who would you assemble? Those are the “What If” questions that fanboys have passionately debated for years. Thanks to two new, yet very different video games, those questions can finally be answered. Marvel War Of Heroes a mobile card game and Injustice: Gods Among Us a 2D fighter for Xbox and Ps3, have the geek community buzzing for various reasons. So listen up slapnuts, here’s a rundown of both to help you decide which you should invest your time and money in.

Injustice: Gods Among Us
That damn Joker, it’s not enough to shoot Batgirl, bludgeon Robin to death (For the record Jason Todd deserved it, the little twat), and totally overshadow Christian Bale in The Dark Knight. Now he’s at it again this time tricking Big Blue into killing a very pregnant Lois Lane. This death signifies a turning point in yet another DC multiverse planet earth, where the enraged Superman kills Joker and turns his back on justice. Now it’s up to Batman with heroes from Earth um 2 or is it 52… maybe 616? Forget it, the point is Superman go bad Batman go rebel and fans go "Take my money!" as all hell breaks loose in this one on one fighter from NetherRealm Studios. You may remember NetherRealm as the company behind the way better than anyone would have dreamed Mortal Kombat revamp a few years ago, but don’t think this is just MK swapped out with DC heroes. The mechanics will delight fans of Capcom gamers as finally you can just push back to block, but also grow the fighting community because the controls and combos are very noob friendly, meaning that mops who find it hard to pick up on move sets of other fighters will feel comfortable button mashing Doomsday through the atmosphere—literally.

The roster contains damn near anyone you would ever want to play with, from fan favs like Lobo, Deathstroke, and HARLEYYY Quinn to the more established trinity of Bats, Supes, and Wonder Woman. The game is extremely rewarding where it counts the most in my opinion—Storyline. In an arch that seems fit for the next big summer crossover rather than a video game, NetherRealm really worked with the DC brass to put out a fulfilling plot (take note Marvel Vs Capcom Alpha) for each one of the characters you choose in single player mode. The one thing that does bug me is that you can punch Nightwing off a building, have him get smacked with a wrecking ball, hit with a train, and he just gets up and shakes it off—No Dick is that hard, not even Grayson. I guess you have to suspend belief that certain characters can take that much damage, it is a video game even if we do tend to geek out over things like that. The graphics are very good, but not great. The interactive backgrounds and collision combos look awesome, but the close ups of say Wonder Woman’s face don’t seem well rendered. But all in all IGAU is a solid game, and a welcome change from the other fighters on the market.

I give it a 8 out of 10 Robins.
Marvel War Of Heroes
I’ve never been a fan of card games, in my book cards were meant to be collected, left in books, and only viewed when you wanted to show haters that your Venom Vs. Spiderman Marvel Masterworks Hologram Card is still in mint condition... however I recognize that from Magic to Pokemon, battling card games that take strategy and dedication are a huge industry of their own. Leave it to Mobage games and Marvel Comics to take this phenomenon digital for the comic geeks out there. War of Heroes is an addicting virtual card game that seems a bit elementary at first but morphs into one of the deepest gaming experience you can have on your smartphone or tablet.
You start off as Maria Hill’s latest S.H.I.E.L.D monkey, as you go through the boring azz tutorial about how it all works (use code zhk084314 to start off with a rare card). You get a card pack, select a card, power it up, and fight enemies until you make it up to the main boss. Again I must state that the tutorial and first few stages that it takes you to level up and understand the rules are kind of lame, but once you get the hang of it, things begin to ramp up. The point of the game is to gather as many powerful Hero or Villain cards as possible, all broken down by skill types—speed, tactic, and bruiser. Each skill type comes with various benefits, and if you’re a Thor guy bruiser is the way to go, if you’re a Spiderman girl, Speed is the deck you should focus on. Cards are also ranked by rarity: A Franklin Richard (Still wet the bed pre-Days of Future Past version) is a common card which is only good for boosting your better cards. Daken (pre drowned in the water by Daddy Logan) is an Uncommon card, which is a little bit more powerful, but still wack and should be used as chicken feed to level up stronger cards. Rare cards like Bucky Barnes (if you have two Buckys you can fuse them into the Winter Soldier- swag!) are a little more powerful and do a bit of damage early on in the game. But it’s the Special Rare, Super Special Rare, and Ultimate Rare cards that makes this game go round. People spend big bucks trying to get the SSR Cards and UR cards such as Professor X and Magneto—I’m talking online chat rooms where UR cards go for $250-400. I love Gambit but I’m not paypaling real money to own the bastard.

The strategy is deciding which cards work best with each other (Fantastic Four all lined up give you the FF combo, Avengers, the same thing). Certain lineups give you a boost so you’ll have to play around until you know which gives you the best odds of both attacking other players for silver and resources or defending other geeks from taking your stash. I know being a comic nerd is often a solitude experience, but the game encourages you to form a team of other players who you can trade with (Ay! I need that Ms. Marvel and I’m willing to give you a Scarlett Spider and Mr. Sinister!) and Alliances which are super groups that help you battle and win better cards. Be warned while this is a free game to play, in order to gain the best cards you will have to plunk down big dollars in the monthly events, or master the art of leverage trading because the underground market value is so high. However if you’re just a fanboy who wants to power up your Wolverine card and team him up with your Cyclops like the good old days before The Hope Phoenix Saga, there’s no pressure to spend a dime, and it’s a good way to kill time on your ios or android phone or tablet.

I give it 9 out of10 illyana Rasputin's

Feel free to give your thoughts on Injstice or your referral codes or Alliance Names for MWOH in the comment section.

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