Cartoon Network=EPIC FAIL

Does anyone remember the monumental beginning of The Cartoon Network back in 1992? Probably not, maybe because back in 1992 Nickelodeon and Fox were still showing cartoons that we, 10-15 age range were still enjoying. By 1995 Cartoon Network had started a somewhat revolution with titles such as Space Ghost, Johnny Bravo, Courage The Cowardly Dog & The Powerpuff Girls, all these titles I am guilty of watching. Cartoon Network thought that these titles would compete with Nick titles such as Doug & Ren & Stempy, close but no cigar. However, the popularity level of the network definitely raised.

Who remembers a run? A run is when a particular cartoon earns the right to stay on set station season after season, year after year. Let’s go in the past, G.I. Joe was on air from 1983-1986 and then re-launched in 1988. Everyone remembers the catchy phrase “And Knowing is Half the Battle”. Now you see a Live-Action G.I. Joe with Channing Tatum, Bruce Willis & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Nothing against those aside from “Channing in ya Tatum”, but the first was garbage and to now add The Rock and Bruce Willis along with more explosions doesn’t make the movie better. You know it… As the great Kurt Angle once said “It’s True, It’s True”. Now this is not a post to bash old school classic, because please believe, Transformers from 1983-1987 and Thundercats 1985-1989 are in my eyes, two of the greatest cartoons ever made, storyline and the art for it to be the early to mid 80’s was outstanding. But back to what they call Cartoon Network, is it me or 30% of the programming on this channel is now reality and or live-action TV? Let’s review shall we…

I have no problem with the network making live-action films based on their original programming shows, that’s actually very innovative, it keeps the majority of the money in-house, I WAS a fan of Ben 10: Alien Force, and that even had a decent run. But look at 2013 and the programming today. Level-Up, about a bunch of so-called kids, but they look about 18-22 pulling video game characters out of the games and fighting them to send them back, c’mon, really… By the way, this is live-action. Others are, Incredible Crew, Children’s Hospital, Newsreaders, Eric Andre Show & of course Loiter Squad. I hope that the powers that be see this. You have shows on Cartoon Network like the new Thundercats (Cancelled), Young Justice (Cancelled) & Green Lantern (Cancelled) but you choose to replace these shows with nonsense like Incredible Crew and Teen Titans Go! Who does this?

Obviously, the voice of the viewer is of no importance to you. We all understand why Star Wars is no longer here, with the merge with Disney and all, but now DC Universe is reduced to Teen Titans Go! And whatever else the boneheads decide to air. I wouldn’t call this a rant, I’m sure there are a lot of people that feel the same way. You have a million young talented writers & animators out here trying to shop their work, but they are reduced to seeing Loiter Squad. I remember when Adult Swim consisted of new Venture Brothers and kick ass adult cartoons. I remember when Toonami wasn’t watered down, oh wait, that was cancelled before too!

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon started on Nickelodeon in September 2012, Season 1 was 18 episodes, Season 2 started recently and Nick has already ordered Season 3. They are setting a ridiculous run, do you know how many episodes that averages out to, even though I’m not the fan of this series like I was of the original, I still respect the show, I can still watch it and be entertained. Transformers: Prime ran for 3 years, can you believe that?? 65 episodes, that is outstanding. Cartoon Network you have to step your game up… Young Justice had 46 episodes from 2011-Present and now its over. Green Lantern, a whopping 26 episodes from 2011-Present and now over. I don’t know who’s fault this is, but it’s sad. I think I’ll just watch my old school toons on DVD and Nickelodeon before I subject myself to the rubbish that is Cartoon Network. Hope you all have fun… 
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