5 Characters That Should Be Brought Over To Marvel

The Comic book world is buzzing over the introduction of Angela, the tough as nails Angel from Heaven who’s been slaying Hellspawns since, damn well I guess Medieval Spawn. For those who don’t get what the big deal is, let me break it down. Spawn, the bestselling non Marvel, non DC superhero title of all time is still a McFarlane/Image property, but due to some legal disputes Angela co-creator and comic book god Neil Gaiman was able to snag her from the McFarlane verse and bring her to the pages of Marvel’s Age of Ultron in an unspecified role. Crossovers are normal, but rarely have we seen this kind of free agent move where they actually switch publishers and worlds.
So with the arrival of Angela, who else would be a perfect fit for the Marvel Universe? Now keep in mind you can’t just play fantasy football and throw Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman all into Spiderman’s New York and expect it to merge seamlessly. First of all Marvel plays in a much more technological world where nearly everything can be explained using real world science. DC doesn’t bother with logic, they fully embrace that this is a comic book world and will often say BS like: This is Teal Kryptonite it comes from Krypton’s cousin planet Tealton and it now gives Superman the ability to turn into Katrakamon the legendary dragon of Tealton… and in DC comic’s infinite multiverse rule book it actually makes sense. The appearance of Katrakamon Superman would sell out in mere minutes, because DC Fan boys are much more forgiving and understand that their sandbox is more of a litter box. However in Marvel, even the Gods of Asgard have to be plausibly explained with more than just some multiverse nonsense. I love characters like Invincible, Savage Dragon, and Kick-Ass (whose owned by Marvel but not in the universe), but they wouldn’t really excel in this world of Avengers and Mutants like they do in their own. The Witchblade would be a cool weapon in Marvel, but we’ve seen all the Sarah Pezzini stories we can take, if it was given to an established character, that could be interesting… Kitty Pryde with the Witchblade? But which comic book character would not only fit in the Marvel Universe, but thrive to the point where it gives them a chance to be greater than they were before?

5) Icon: Milestone Comic’s flagship hero has been nonexistent since DC snatched up the characters, and that’s not a big surprise. Many see Icon as black Superman, but he’s much more diverse than that. An alien stranded on Earth in the 19th century south, he took on the skin color of the slave woman that found him, thus becoming the first superhero brought up in slavery. Not until over a 100 years later did the now adult Icon reveal his superpowers.  It’s pretty interesting that in comparing what characters would be cool in Marvel, you truly see the level of parody. Green Lantern/Nova, Flash/Quicksilver, Namor/Aquaman, Batman/Wolverine, Thor/Wonder Woman… but when you get to Big Blue, there isn’t a Marvel equivalent, you would have to combine the honesty of Captain American and the strength of Hulk just to come close to what Superman is, but that still doesn’t do him justice. In Marvel, Icon could be that all powerful figure, yet be free (no pun intended) to carve out his own place near the top next to Spiderman. His rich history of being an Alien who experienced the greatest American injustice, makes his story unique and based in reality to the point where he’s much more humanized than the god like Superman. Imagine Icon reluctant to take up the mantle again, now revealing himself to save the Marvel Universe from the threat of Thanos, it would be epic.

4) Gen¹³: The teenage superhero group consisting of Freefall, Rainmaker, Grunge, Burnout, and my boo the always well drawn Caitlin Fairchild was one of the hottest books of the 90’s, and what Generation X wanted to be. Basically “mutant” kids of former heroes brought together to figure out their past. I remember the classic J. Scott Campbell run being high on fun and mystery, and these kids would fit perfectly into the Jean Grey School of higher learning as the next class of X-Men, more than those yawn inducing freaks in the Wolverine and The X-Men book.

3) Betty & Veronica: The Place, Riverdale… The time, moments after Hope and Scarlett Witch proclaim, “No More Phoenix”.  Betty is in the middle of a date with Archie, and suddenly her body erupts with plasma radiation, turning her into an uncontrollable ball of blonde energy, the blast horribly scares Richie, and Jughead screams, “oh sh*t she’s one of them, that b*tch is a mutant!”. As Jugehead and Richie flee in fear, Archie tries to calm Betty down and eventually she reverts back to her normal form. A week later, Betty’s learning to deal with her powers while Archie keeps her hidden in the basement of Riverdale high. Suddenly Veronica, in an armored Stark industry suit, brought form the black market by her billionaire father, crashes through the wall. Mr. Weathersbee sold Betty out to Veronica, and now she’s going to put this blond mutie freak down for good. The battle is epic as the two rivals fight to a stalemate in the collapsing school. Their beloved Archie is crushed by the debris. As he lays dying, he makes the girls promise to let go of their anger and finally get along. As the girls tearfully morn Archie, they shake hands. They will honor their Archie and with their new found abilities become the GUARDIANS OF RIVERDALE. C’mon! Jughead hires Deadpool to avenge his best pal, it’d be a must read!

2) Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy Summers has saved the world more times than you can count. Blade and Morbius have the Vampire situation in Marvel under control, but Maria Hill could use the Sunnydale slayers unique skill set as a field agent when S.H.I.E.L.D. investigates the more supernatural threats to national security: Buffy Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D... Nuff Said.

1) Lex Luthor: The only original DC Character that really makes sense in the Marvel Universe is Lex. Let’s face it Marvel basically jacked Luthor’s entire style during the Dark Reign storyline with their reimagined Norman Osborn character, even down to him creating a metal suit like Lex. Norman Osborne is good, but he’s no Luthor. Lex would be a huge impact player, taking over rival Stark Industries, putting spies in S.H.I.E.L.D. and creating a cure for Dr. Banner, insuring that when he springs his plan The Hulk won’t be around to play spoiler. With no Superman level god to stop him, he’s only one year away from finding the cosmic cube or reassembling the Infinity Gauntlet, and it’s going to be hell on earth for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

This is just my personal list, if you have your own fan favorites who you think would work in Marvel, feel free to leave a comment telling us who and why.

17 out.
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