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There are not many entrepreneurial minded, motivated people I know. Yet the few I do know I strive to support them and help them be successful. Here we have my man Will! Big things will come from Will and he has big goals that he will meet, in a very short time. Will is on of the strongest people  I have met, and I have come to respect him greatly. For that reason we have United as Fanboyz and we will win. Visit our central co-blog and Will's blog

United Fan boyz: Co-Created to evolve. Motivated to win. United to share! #UFB

Created for multiple authors, for multiple views. From pro wrestling to pro football. Comics and Gaming to Movies and Music! And United Forums to discuss our/your views!

SoMari Comics & Gaming: Coming Soon: The SoMari Tour and the graphic novel "LOEL"

So check out our sites and don't forget to support the SoMari Tour and the upcoming Graphic Novel "Loel"
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A co-created Fan blog with a mission to share views, ideas and opinions on many topics. To include Comics, Tech, Gadgets, Video Games, Music, Movies, Interviews, WWE, and more.